Dr Izabella Penier

Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellow

Izabella specializes in Black diasporic literature and culture. Her work particularly focuses on the transformations that African American studies have recently undergone due to critical interventions from global frameworks of analysis such as postcolonialism, British cultural studies, Black Atlantic and diaspora studies. Currently she does research on Black British and African American literature and visual arts of the 1980s.

Izabella holds a PhD from the University of Lodz in Poland. She has lectured on British and American literature and culture, multiculturalism and postcolonial studies in the University of Lodz and The State School of Higher Professional Education in Plock, Poland.



  • 2015 – „Czy Ameryka może być post-etniczna? Czarny Atlantyk i interwencyjne dyskursy postkolonializmu, a afro-amerykańskie studia kulturowe.” [„Can America be Post-ethnic? The Black Atlantic and Interventionist Discourses of Postcolonialism in American Black Studies]. Er(r)go: Teoria, Literatura, Kultura [Er(rgo): Theory. Literature, Culture]) (1/2015)
  • 2014 – “Postcolonial Nation and Matrilineal Myth: Social Construction of Maternity in Michelle Cliff’s ‘Clare Savage’ Novels” RAEI – Alicante Journal of English Studies 27(2014): 163-178
  • 2008 – Magical Realism in Quest for Afro-American Identity. Łódź: WSHE in Lodz Publishing House. [Publishing House of the Academy of Humanities and Economics].