Dr Alan Rice Director

Journal articles – In Print:

  • Journal Article: With J.C. Kardux. “Confronting the Ghostly Legacies of Slavery: The Politics of Black Bodies, Embodied Memories, and Memorial Landscapes.” Atlantic Studies 9.3 (Sept. 2012): 245-272.
  • Journal Article: ‘Tracing Slavery and Abolition’s Routes and Viewing Inside the Invisible: The Monumental Landscape and the African Atlantic’ in Atlantic Studies special issue, ‘Abolitionist Places’, eds. Martha Schoolman and Jared Hickman, Vol. 8 No.2 June 2011, pp. 253-274.
  • Journal Article: “Revealing Histories, Dialogising Collections: Museums and Galleries in North-West England Commemorating the Abolition of the Slave Trade”. Slavery and Abolition : A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies Vol. 30 No.2, June 2009. ISSN 1743-9523, pp.291-309.
  • Journal Article: “Naming the Money and Unveiling the Crime: Contemporary British Artists and the Memorialisation of Slavery and Abolition”. Special issue of Patterns of Prejudice, Imagining Transatlantic Slavery and Abolition, 2007-8 (ed. John Oldfield) 41/3-4 (July/September 2007), pp. 321-343.


Dr Theresa Saxon

  • ‘Sexual Transgression on the American Stage: Clyde Fitch, Sapho and the “American Girl”. Literature Compass, Volume 10, Issue 10, October 2013 pp. 735–747.
  • American Theatre: History, Content, Form. Edinburgh University Press, 2011.
  • ‘The Art of Theatre in Nineteenth-Century America: George L. Fox, Pantomime and Artaud,’  Literature Compass, Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2010, pp. 753–762.
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  • ‘Multiple Stages: Expanding American Theatre History,’ Introduction to Special Edition on American Theatre, (ed. Theresa Saxon) Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies Spring 2009, 15.1, pp.7-11.
  • ‘Sexual Transgression on the American Stage: Clyde Fitch, Sapho, and the “American Girl.”’ (Literature Compass due February 2013).

Dr Raphael Hoermann

  • Raphael Hörmann, Writing the Revolution: German and English Radical Literature, 1819-1848/49 (Zurich: LIT, 2011)
    View book on Google Books
  • Raphael Hörmann, Gesa Mackenthun (eds.), Human Bondage in the Cultural Contact Zone: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Slavery and Its Discourses (Munster: Waxmann, 2010)
    View book on Google Books
  • Raphael Hörmann, “Tropen des Terrors: Zombies und die Haitianische Revolution,” in: Zombies: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaft (No 1/2014): pp. 61-72

Dr Yvonne Reddick

Journal articles – In Print:

  • ‘The Fisher King, the Grail and the Goddess: Ted Hughes’s aquatic myths’, MHRA Working Papers for the Humanities, Vol. 5, 2010.
  • ‘ “After Lorca” ’: Ted Hughes and the Influence of Federico García Lorca’, Modern Language Review 108.13, July 2013, 703-22.
  • ‘Henry Williamson and Ted Hughes: politics, nationhood and nature-writing’. English (Oxford Journals) 62.39, Winter 2013.
  • ‘Palm oil and crude oil: environmental damage, resource conflict and literary strategies in the Niger Delta’. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.
  • ‘Tchibamba, Stanley and Conrad: Postcolonial Intertextuality.’ Tydskrif vir Letterkunde.
  • ‘“This was a Conradian world I was entering”: Postcolonial river-journeys beyond the black Atlantic in Caryl Phillips’ work.’ Wasafiri.

Journal articles – In Press:

  • ‘ ‘Icthyologue’: Scientific language in the poetry of Ted Hughes’. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (Oxford Journals). In press.

Chapters in edited books:

  • ‘Ted Hughes and Federico García Lorca: The tragic theatre of mourning’ chapter in Ted Hughes: From Cambridge to Collected, ed. by Terry Gifford, Neil Roberts and Mark Wormald (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan: 2013), pp. 117-193.
  • ‘The Hanged Man and the Dragonfly: Aquatic Insects and Metamorphosis in the works of Ted Hughes’ chapter in L. Talairach-Vielmas & M. Bouchet (eds). Spinning Webs of Wonder: Insects and Texts. (Brussels: Peter Laing, 2013). In press.


    • LandForms  (Orkney: Seapressed, 2012).
    • Co-editor (with George Ttoouli) and contributor to The Anthology of the Apple (Rugby: Nine Arches Press, 2013). An interdisciplinary collection of poetry, poetry translations and critical essays. In print.
    • ‘Landfall at Tarrafal’, Under the Radar issue 12, December 2013, p. 42. (Rugby: Nine Arches Press, 2013). In print.
    • ‘Poem for Eva’, ‘Blae’ and ‘Girton Orchard’. Forthcoming in The Clearing. Accepted.
    • ‘Climbing the Outcrop’ in The Clearing, April 2014. In print.
    • ‘Palimpsest’, Versekraken Issue 2, April 2014. In print.
    • ‘A Voice’ (translation of Yves Bonnefoy) The Ofi Press issue 35. In print.

Dr Izabella Penier

  • 2015 – „Czy Ameryka może być post-etniczna? Czarny Atlantyk i interwencyjne dyskursy postkolonializmu, a afro-amerykańskie studia kulturowe.” [„Can America be Post-ethnic? The Black Atlantic and Interventionist Discourses of Postcolonialism in American Black Studies]. Er(r)go: Teoria, Literatura, Kultura [Er(rgo): Theory. Literature, Culture]) (1/2015)
  • 2014 – “Postcolonial Nation and Matrilineal Myth: Social Construction of Maternity in Michelle Cliff’s ‘Clare Savage’ Novels” RAEI – Alicante Journal of English Studies 27(2014)163-178
  • 2008 – Magical Realism in Quest for Afro-American Identity. Łódź: WSHE in Lodz Publishing House. [Publishing House of the Academy of Humanities and Economics].

Dr Astrid Haas


Edited Journal Issues:

Journal Articles:

  • Haas, Astrid. “Currents of Progress, Toy Store for Tourists: Nineteenth-Century Mexican Liberals View Niagara Falls.” Journal of Transnational American Studies 10.2 (Winter 2019): 165-85.
  • Haas, Astrid. “A Changing Game: Ethnicity, Gender, and Nation in the U.S. American Soccer Film.” Comparative American Studies 12.4 (December 2014): 301-15.
  • Haas, Astrid. “Un continente ‘de color’: Langston Hughes y América Latina.” The Harlem Renaissance from an Inter-American Perspective. Ed. Astrid Haas. FIAR: Forum for Inter-American Research 7.2 (July 2014): 36-54.

Book Chapters:

Dr Nicole Willson


  • Willson, Nicole, Caribbean Convulsions: the Haitian Revolution, Literary Ghosts and the Incomplete Dream of America (Edinburgh University Press: contracted; forecast 2021).

Edited Journal Issues:

  • Bernier, Celeste-Marie, and Nicole Willson eds., Special Issue: ‘A New Dawn of Freedom: Black Acts and Arts of Radicalism, Revolution, and Resistance (1818-2018)’, Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies (forecast 2020).
  • Bernier, Celeste-Marie, and Nicole Willson eds., Special Issue: ‘Strike for Freedom: Acts and Arts of Liberation in the African Atlantic Imaginary (1818-2018)’, Slavery and Abolition (forecast 2020).

Journal Articles – in Print:

  • Willson, Nicole, ‘Excavating Occluded Histories at Destrehan Plantation: Afro-Creole Resistance from Marguerite to Beyoncé’, Journal of American Studies (2019).
  • Willson, Nicole. ‘People Without Shoes: Jacques Roumain, Langston Hughes, and the Transnational Ti Neg Aesthetic’. Special Issue: ‘American Networks: Radicals Under the Radar (1868-1968)’, Comparative American Studies (2019).
  • Willson, Nicole. ‘“The Realm of Maiden Beauty”: Spectres of Slavery, Rebellion, and Creolization in the Landscape of Cable’s Louisiana’. Comparative American Studies 15, nos 1-2 (2017): 36-53.
  • Willson, Nicole, ‘A New “Kavalesque”: Re-imagining Haiti’s Revolution(s) through the Work of Leah Gordon’, Harts and Minds 1, no. 1 (2013).

Journal Articles – in Press:

  • Willson, Nicole, ‘Vestiges of Black Internationalism: The Chasseurs Volontaires de Saint-Domingue in History and Memory’, in Celeste-Marie Bernier and Nicole Willson eds., Special Issue: ‘A New Dawn of Freedom: Black Acts and Arts of Radicalism, Revolution, and Resistance (1818-2018)’, Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies (forecast 2020).
  • Willson, Nicole, ‘Catherine Flon, Material Testimony and Occluded Narratives of Female-Led Resistance in Haiti and the Haitian Dyaspora’, in Celeste-Marie Bernier and Nicole Willson eds., Special Issue: ‘Strike for Freedom: Acts and Arts of Liberation in the African Atlantic Imaginary (1818-2018)’, Slavery and Abolition (forecast 2020).
  • Willson, Nicole, ‘Sartorial insurgencies: Women of colour, Afro-Creole head wraps and the revolutionary Black Atlantic’, Special Issue: ‘Colonial Caribbean Visual Cultures’, Atlantic Studies: Global Currents (forecast 2020).