Significant Other: Invisible People

Susan Walsh

Significant Other: Invisible People

Significant Other: Invisible People – Hidden Skills; is an attempt to give recognition to the varied histories and skills of the many homeless people who find themselves continually sleeping rough and to acknowledge them as the multi faceted and knowledgeable people they are.

Memory and identity are important factors within the work of Susan Walsh which ranges from installations to photography and moving image. It is both gallery and site based and incorporates an on-going investigation into basic-needs survival, using the device of either temporary memorial or mini museum.

The English Heritage Blue Plaques we see in many cities, citing the skills and achievements of well-known important men and women (X Lived Here) make visible, with pride, the efforts made by select members of society, both now and throughout history.

Based on this she has created a series of ‘Alternative’ Blue Plaques to be placed in specific locations in Preston. These plaques are intended to show some small acknowledgment of the way many homeless people exist and survive without permanent shelter.

The temporary shelter locations selected for this project can be found on the; Significant Other map – each one highlighted with a number. These sites are sometimes in less desirable areas, sometimes well hidden, occasionally surprising, rarely comfortable or warm, and often in the public gaze of the busy high street.