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The Amazing Ira Aldridge: The story of a black American actor on British stages in the nineteenth century

Tuesday 19 November, 5:30pm

Livesey Cafe, University of Central Lancashire, Heatley Street, Preston

African American actor, Ira Aldridge arrived in England in 1827 and forged a successful career on stage in Britain and Europe over the next forty years. Ira Aldridge is significant—and amazing— because he used the stage as a platform to fight against racism and enslavement in the British-occupied Caribbean and the United States.

Featuring performance artist Joe Williams in a specially written show. Based on research undertaken by Dr Theresa Saxon. Includes extracts from characters played by Aldridge.

For tickets, please contact Theresa Saxon.

Event sponsored by the University of Central Lancashire, the British Association of American Studies and the US Embassy.

Photo Credit: Manchester Art Gallery.